College As Told By That 70’s Show

That 70’s Show is one of those television shows that everyone can relate to, both young and old. Although it’s about a group of high school friends, everyone can relate to the characters and the situations they get into. Here’s how That 70’s Show relates to us college students, and how they can define our college experience:

20) When it’s syllabus week and the semester seems like it’s not going to be so bad:

Syllabus Week makes everything seem simple

19) When you’re professor is really attractive and you have a hard time concentrating:

Hot professor

18) When there’s someone in your class that you actually cannot stand:

When theres people in your class you cant stand

17) How you feel every other week besides syllabus week:

Every other time after syllabus week

16) Sometimes, it’s just easier to avoid responsibility all around.

Sometimes its easier just to avoid all responsibilities

15) And then there are those times that you just don’t want the professor to call on you.

When you dont want the professor to call on you

14) When you actually understand/enjoy what you’re learning in class:

When you actually understand: enjoy a class

13) There’s always room for a fun night out, and a good night always means a party.

Pregaming for a party:the bar

12) But, with a fun night out, often comes consequences. 

the day after a really great night out

11) Sometimes you’re so stressed you just sit in your bed and do nothing. 

How you spend our free time


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