College, As Described By Grey’s Anatomy

As we all know, Grey’s Anatomy is the best show in the world and it is all too relatable. Here are some moments that every college student can relate to, as told by the cast of Grey’s.

9. Every day of the semester is just slightly more confusing than the last and you are probably convinced you are going to suck at adulting. 

no idea

8. This is how you react whenever your alarm goes off for your 8 am:


7. And you are convinced that this is what your professor is thinking every time they walk into the lecture hall.

ruin lives

6. And that frightening moment when your professor says to “pull out the assignment that was due today.” 


5. Okay, let’s be honest. It does not get any more relatable than this. As college students, we are the ultimate multitaskers. 


4. It’s the middle of finals. You still have 3 exams to study for, you have not slept in 4 days and you’ve been living off of Ramen, espresso and Red Bull.


3. But it’s okay if you fail (not really) because you and your roommate can have pizza therapy together.


2. But then this is how you react whenever you make the Dean’s List.


1. College is tough, but we will make it through! And when in doubt, just dance it out with your roomie like Meredith and Christina.


Written by: Megan Fitzgerald

No matter what your parents may have said about body art growing up, most people reach adulthood knowing the truth, tattoos are cool. They can be a very strong form of self expression, one more powerful than simply slapping on a pin or walking around with a vague slogan on your jacket. They can also just be pretty cute or just plain awesome. Some people just pick something they think is neat and get it done, while others toss and turn for months trying to decide on the perfect design. Hopefully in the end, you wind up with something you’re happy with, even proud of. But some people don’t get quite what they asked for, or realize too late that maybe they should have just gone with a flower or a bird. Here are some of those people.




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