College Girl Pulls Phenomenal Prank By Making Students Pick Up Her Papers

Wait a minute. That girl looks super familiar! Yes…. that’s because the smoking hot girl behind this video is none other than Youtube Celebrity Andrea Wendel. Whether it’s pranking people telling guys that they are the father of her baby, or asking girls to have sex with her, Andrea is known for having in our opinion the best prank videos on Youtube. After being featured on various Youtube channels, Andrea officially has started her own channel, and her first video is nothing short of phenomenal. Watch what happens when she pranks college students by purposely dropping her papers on the floor for random students to help her pick them up. The way she treats these students is absolutely HILARIOUS. Trust me, you’ll be laughing the whole time. Do yourself a favor and make sure you SUBSCRIBE to see more awesome videos on her channel. Andrea Wendel is a college babe you want to be following. Here is the video below!

Andrea is bae.

that dress was quiiiite short…. so sloooot

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