College Girl Tells Crazy Story That’ll Make You Never Want To Lose Your Phone

We at UniversityPrimetime.com, offer students a great outlet to get their feelings
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more than likely it bothers another student too. One way we allow student’s voices
to be heard is by allowing any student to submit an article. Doing it is simple! On the
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like to share due to the fact that they are just insane.




With that being said….. Meet Tiffany (This is not her real name but rather a nameto keep her unknown). Tiffany sent this story to us Via our “Submit Content” tab. I honestly read it three times and even wrote back to her to make sure she wasn’t lying, or was completely drunk when she wrote it. Without anymore delay, here is Tiffany’s Worst Christmas Break. 





I honestly don’t know what to do anymore and I am freaking the hell out as I sit
locked up in my bedroom at my parents house. I wish I was back at University of
Arizona right now!!!!

So this is what happened. I come from a school where partying is the bigger than
anything. Out of the 7 day a week calendar, UofA parties 8 days(Not a typo). Well,
the last day of finals we, my friends and my boyfriend, had decided to go out and
get super wasted, AKA like normal. Well I must of drank a little too much because I
honestly did not remember anything from that night. The next day I woke up and
had to get on a plane back to my hometown for Christmas. My boyfriend, who is
more like my friends with benefits, dropped me off at the airport. Everything was
normal until I landed and waited for my parents to pick me up.

Normally my mother and father would pick me up and we would go out to dinner,
due to me being so hungry that I can eat a cow. Instead, my sister picked me up.
Not thinking into it she took me home. Before I stepped out of the car my sister
said to me, “Watch out when you go inside”. I completely was not ready for what
was going to happen.

I swing open the door and yell up to my parents, “Mom, Dad, I’m Home!!” The
house was dark and there was one light on in my bedroom. From the echoes of
the hallway I heard, “Tiffany, please come up into your room.” At this point I
thought that they were going to surprise me with something, or even worse,
something bad had happened to Grandpa.

I walked up stairs to and into my room to see my mother and father sitting on the
bed crying. “Wait, whats wrong,” I asked. My father picks up his phone and there
in front of me is a picture of my boyfriend and myself naked together. I started
freaking out. How, Who did this, When did it happen…..

Long story short; When we went drinking and partying we went to this girl’s dorm
in Árbol de la Vida. I personally don’t know what I did wrong to this girl but while
my Bf and I were done having sex and passed out, she took my phone, took a
picture of us sleeping, and texted it to my father. I didn’t know she did it because
she deleted the text and the photo.

This brings me back to me standing in front of my father with this photo in my face.
I didn’t know what to say. The only thing to do was to explain to my parents that I
am like every other college student my age. We all have sex but other people don’t
have a picture sent to their father. Long story short, I am not going to enjoy my
Christmas Break….

Thank you so much for listening to my story. I know I rambled on and on about
this, and maybe you don’t care, but it made me feel better because I was able to
get it off my chest. Please share this online so that other girls don’t make the same
mistake as I did. Word of advice ladies, put a password on your phone!!!!!!


If you have something you want to share with the 50 million people who visited our
site in 2014, please feel free to click, “Submit Content”and send what you are
feeling or what happened. Your crazy story could save someone from making a

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