Why College is Harder than High School

Although High School is a very challenging stage in everyone’s life, College maintains a slight lead over High School in its toughness level.



Unlike High School, your Mom cannot cater to your every need and you will not be constantly surrounded by family. You will need to learn how to feed yourself, clean your own room, do laundry and take care of yourself, all while you are enduring the thickest course load of your life. Initially it is a very hard adjustment, but there is a learning curve and you will eventually master the skills of individual upkeep.


9. Your Professors will not Micromanage You

You will need individually manage your course load in College. Unlike High School, professors will not continually ask you to turn in your late homework or to makeup a quiz, instead they will either fail you or drop you out of their class. They do not feel any obligation to help you out, unless you physically seek them out and demonstrate dedication to your classwork.




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