College Majors Defined By GIFS Is Greatest Thing You’ll Ever See

College Majors Defined By GIFS Is Greatest You'll See All Day
College Majors defined by these GIFS is the greatest thing you'll see all day. Based on your knowledge, which college majors do you think are the best?

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College is a time where students are figuring out what their passions are and what they want to be while having fun. But what’s more stressful than midterms and projects? Deciding what you want to major in. Biology, Civil Engineering, Art Design, Communications…the possibilities are endless. What it all comes down to is you – what interests you the most, which subjects do you gravitate towards, or what field do you see yourself excelling in.

Though college is what you make of it, what you major in helps determines what classes you’re going to register for and helps you decide what career path you’re going to take when you finally graduate from college. While some college majors give you a little breathing room, some majors are extremely demanding. #RIPSocialLife

Which majors do you think are majors that are not really stressful, but amusing and fun? Many majors exist in college, but which majors have the best gifs that best describe them? Check out these college majors as defined by hilarious GIFs.

Sports Education


Art and Design



Ygritte major gif

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