College Member Of Kennedy Family Told Bouncer To “Google Her” When Denied Entrance To A Club

Ah, the Kennedy family.  They’re basically America’s version of the Queen and her crazy kids, except with Boston accents and even more entitlement, if you can believe that.  Time has caused their influence to dwindle, though.  What was once a powerhouse of a family that consisted of politicians, war heroes, debutantes, and even a president has now faded somewhat from the limelight, but not all that much, if you consider that we’re still seeing news stories like this.

Here’s all the history you need to know.  Bobby Kennedy, JFK’s younger brother who was a presidential hopeful when he was gunned down in 1968, had eleven kids of his own, and now, copious grandkids.  One of those grandchildren is semi-famous for dating Taylor Swift.  Now, his sister is making headlines for trying to name-drop her way into a nightclub.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

19-year-old Kyra Kennedy (on the left in the picture above,) is an aspiring fashion designer.  She was drinking and partying last weekend in upstate New York when a bouncer denied her entrance to a nightclub restricted only to those who are 21 and older. She attempted to use her 26-year-old half-sister’s passport to sneak in, but when Kyra couldn’t recite her own alleged birthday and even resorted to using her phone to Wikipedia her half-sister’s birthday, club security confiscated the passport and turned her away.  Kyra did not react well to the snub.  She became irate, yelling at the bouncer, “I’m a Kennedy.  Google me.”  She threatened him saying that if he didn’t let her into the club, he’d be getting a phone call from the governor.  Witnesses say that Kyra Kennedy was most definitely drunk while all this was going down.

The bouncer must have been quaking in his boots after that chilling threat, but he still refused to let Kyra in.  Hopefully when the governor called, he wasn’t too hard on him.

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