College Student Comes Out Of Closet, And You Will Never Guess How He Did It.



Trevor Monaghan was an intelligent and beautiful person. Growing up even when he was little he loved helping people. He belonged to his local church, and really always wanted to help. “Mommy how come that guy is on the street with no clothes? He needs help!” Trevor was also really into sports, he played soccer and baseball and he loved every minute of it. He even had many friends and was very social. He did everything together with his best friend Matt, but there was one problem, Trevor didn’t know he had another side to himself, a side nothing to be ashamed of.

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At the age of 9, Trevor began showing signs of new interest. He still loved baseball and soccer, but he found something he really loved.. dancing. He slowly stopped hanging out with his friends, even Matthew. Trevor was confused and really didn’t understand what was going on.. he was sad. His friends even asked him to play sports, but Trevor didn’t want to. ” Hey Trevor do you want to hang out and play some baseball? ” Trevor replied, “Hey guys I am a little busy today.. not today.” Well he wasn’t just busy that day, he was busy everyday for years to come and he would lose his relationships with his friends.

As years went on Trevor began to really get into dancing, he loved every second of it. He even flew to different parts of the world to compete in many different dance competitions. He didn’t really keep in touch with his friends from before. It was nothing personal, he just went into different directions. At a really famous and renown dance competition in San Jose, California, Trevor found out the truth about his real self. He did a 6-7-8 dance move, it’s a typical term for a move that includes certain tapping and rhythm. He did a 6 and then a 7, but on the 8 he messed up big time, but it didn’t really bother him. He looked at Jared Nathanel, and Jared looked straight back at him, it was love at first site. They began to talk and flirt, “Hey I’m Trevor.” ” I’m Jared, really nice to meet you Trevor.” They both smiled and laughed, they loved every second of it.



From now on, Trevor knew the real truth about himself, he was 100% absolutely gay, but it didn’t bother him at all. His mom and dad even began to figure out the truth about their son, they saw multiple pictures and albums of Trevor and Jared. On Trevor’s facebook it even said he was in a relationship, but it didn’t say Jared’s name. His parents were on to him, but it didn’t really bother them. Many parents would be upset and frustrated(which they shouldn’t be) but his parents were ok with it. They were going to welcome Trevor and really proved that they loved him no matter what. On the night of Trevor’s dance competition while he was away with Jared, his parents found albums of Trevor that included photos of his whole life. They bought a huge poster sign, and glued a huge picture of themselves on the poster. The poster was posted in his closet, which covered pretty much everything. So when Trevor opened the closet, he was bound to find the surprise. The poster stated in quotes, ” We love you no matter what Trevor!! No more closets are allowed in the house!! And you definitely can’t live in one, there is no space in there to live!! Come out now we love you!!”

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When Trevor got home, he had to change from his dance clothes to his regular clothes. As soon as he opened the closet his parents were right by his room door. He opened the closet and entered, but note that he didn’t stay in it. His face began to water, but in a really good way. The watery tear drops dripped down his face like a stream of water flowing down a river. He smiled and gave his parents a hug as well as a kiss, and guess what, he did it outside of the closet.

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