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College Students Perfectly Portrayed by Grey’s Anatomy Characters

Everyone knows and loves the famous hit TV show on ABC called Grey’s Anatomy. It’s packed full not only of medical drama and problems to solve, but friendships, relationships, marriage, divorce, births, and deaths of our most favorite characters. We have come to known and love individuals that we always cheered for or even got annoyed with. Grey’s Anatomy has some of the most relatable and well-liked characters from Cristina Yang, the loose-cannon and blunt friend, to the passionate and sensitive Meredith Shepherd, to the heart throb Derek McDreamy Shepherd. And there’s no denying that we all had a crush on McDreamy and have someone in our own lives that reminds us of him. Their stories of working at the hospital together and how their personal lives intertwined with their career reminds us of our own college life from the relationships we have to the stress we feel from our academic workload.

Here are some of the times that college students really related to the Grey’s Anatomy characters:

After a long week of cramming for tests, reading countless chapters on things you don’t care about, and pop quizzes that brought your grade down significantly:

Being the mom of the friend group and dealing with your overly intoxicated friends at the bar:

Gossiping with your friends:

Going home for breaks like:

When you get screwed over, again:


When you’re sitting in a class that turned out more difficult than you expected:


When you get stranded downtown with no money, a dead cellphone, and no friends in sight:

Frat guy: “Hey little mama, you’re lookin’ pretty damn beautiful tonight”


Trying to steal someone else’s cab because you don’t have time to call your own:


When you realize that you’ve made lifelong friends who you can’t live without:

When you see your ex at the bar and realize you’re too sober to deal with it properly:



Waking up the next morning and realizing you spent $45 on drinks and are too hungover for class:


there’s something edible for dinner:


Procrastinating for studying with your roommate like:


Bitching out the guy who screwed over your best friend:

Checking out hotties in the quad:


When your best friend goes home for the weekend and you don’t know how you’ll make it through a Saturday night out without them:



Telling yourself you’re going to get your life together starting tomorrow:



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