College Students Perfectly Portrayed by “The Office” Characters

The Stanley


Stanley is a college super-senior. He’s fed up with every underclassman on campus, and he’ll let them know it. His been-there-done-that attitude makes him hard to get along with. But that’s fine with him: the less human interaction, the better. Stanley spends a majority of his time sitting in the back of his classes, doing crosswords.


The Dwight

Dwight is the over-eager freshman accounting major who constantly emails his professors on questions about the syllabi. He arrives at every class at least 20 minutes early, and he has perfect attendance. Dwight doesn’t play well with others; he believes he’s in constant competition for the highest score on every test. What he doesn’t realize, though, is that his fellow classmates don’t really care.


The Pam

Pam, an art student, is the good girl who lets everyone think she’s quiet and sweet. She has a real heart for mischief, though. Her love for pranks becomes evident after getting to know her. There’s definitely more to her than the sketchbook of nature sketches she carries with her. She loves a good laugh, but she also has a good heart.

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