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College Students Reveal Kinkiest Turn Ons, And Some Are Flat Out Weird

Man in latex bodysuit and hood with collar, padlock and chain leash

So my ex-wife cheated on me. Physically I got turned on by thinking about it, physically I get turned on thinking about my current wife with previous lovers. Emotionally it destroys me. I’m a very loyal type of 1 woman guy and I definitely don’t want my woman cheating on me. One of those times when the body does the exact opposite of what my mental state is in. ~ jroades26

Getting chained to the bed and being used like an item. ~ NoHopeNo

Light choking. It felt weird doing asking for it and doing it but… cough cough. ~ iveraj

“Mom teaching sex” porn. ~ ilikeyoohoo

I went to a burlesque show one time and part of the show one of the girls was dressed in a maid outfit. They had a cardboard oven and she took a girl dressed like a cupcake out of it. They kissed for a little while and then out of nowhere the maid cuts open the cupcakes top and starts eating raspberry filling out of her and the cupcake was so into it, like this was exactly how she wanted to die. So I guess I like snuff but only in a baking context? ~ gingerbreaddave

Having my butthole licked. Who knew? ~ riddled_with_bourbon

Having sex without removing my girls clothes. Skirt and panties pulled to the side. ~ iamnomoney

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