College Students Shock Pizza Delivery Man With $1,200 Tip. Now This Is Awesome.

Keith Newman, Indiana Wesleyan University’s CEO of Residential Education, wanted his students to truly understand the main point of a lesson he was sharing at their weekly chapel service — “do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.” So, on Wednesday, Newman ordered two pizzas from Domino’s totaling $12.50 to the university chapel, WRTV reported. He then passed a collection basket around, and asked students to write thank-you notes.

When deliveryman James Gilpin arrived, he was brought to the stage and presented with more than $1,200 in tips, a piece of cake and a bag of thousands of inspirational notes.

dominos delivery

Since the incident, some of the students said they want to do more kind acts in the future. This is such a great act of kindness that we are proud to share. Remember, FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM—> HERE


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