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CU Boulder Chi Omega Just Made The Best Bid Day Video We’ve Ever Seen

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We all have seen the “typical” sorority recruitment video, but being a Chi-Omega at CU Boulder is so much more than that. If you want to know where the most beautiful girls in all of Colorado exist, look no further than Chi-Omega. If you want to know where the girls in Boulder are that are worth taking home to mom and dad, look no further than Chi-Omega. If you want to find a girl that’s a fun time to go out on an awesome date with when you feel the need to settle down and find the girl of your dreams, once again… look no further than Chi-Omega. Alright, alright, alright. You probably get the picture by now, we’re kinda in love over here with Chi-Omega from CU Boulder. I’ve probably watched the video already 10 times on repeat, and it’s not getting old for one second. If there is one sorority video out there right now that is going to get millions of views on Youtube, mark my words it’s this video. Here’s my bold statement to the Chi-Omega girls. Keep staying classy ladies, You girls are the definition of perfection, and you girls are mad chill. Props to all of you for being awesome.

The chapter is full of genuine, down to earth girls, that are always down to go out and have an adventure. Take a look into their amazing chapter. You’ll definitely understand why these girls are beyond extraordinary.

Check out their awesome video. These girls know what’s up!

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So are you saying they’re ladies we should take home because you’ve actually met them, or because they’re attractive? Justtttttt wondering.

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