Why You Should Date The Girl That Openly Calls Herself A B*tch

Sometime over the last few years we have all become afraid of the word bitch. It is like one morning we all woke up and if you were to be called a bitch, it was like a stake through your heart. Personally, I think being a bitch is empowering. It is the same thing as being called tough because in this society if a guy is forward and assertive he is a boss, but for us women, we end up being a bitch. Times have changed because the girl next store is so last year and it is now attractive to be a lady who can hold her own. So if you are sick of saving the damsel in distress, this is why you should go for the girl who know’s she is a boss.

17. Nice girls are so boring. You can only watch the Bachelor with some popcorn so many times as a date.


16. She will always be truthful, even if it hurts.


15. That means she can also handle what you have to say too. You won’t have to worry about waterworks every time.


14. They are less needy. We don’t want your attention 24/7. You do you, I’ll do me, and then I’ll meet you for dinner.



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