Date An “Undateable” Girl. You Are Better Off.

There are few things I hate more than “articles” on the internet telling men which women are worthy of being in an exclusive relationship. Maybe you should “date a girl who travels”, but few of us have the financial capability to live like a gypsy in Europe. Seeking out a girl who reads/writes is only good if you’re looking for definitive proof she graduated elementary school. If you search “date a girl who” on Thought Catalog, you’ll have a reading list longer than your Netflix DVD queue circa 2008. This is why you should date a girl whom does laundry 1-2 times a month and goes out to eat 7 days a week.

Date a girl who has been deemed “undatable.” She’ll never encourage you to turn down a party, or a bong rip. Maybe she blacks out more than the traditional lady, but she also knows the best hangover eateries. Take a shot together. You’ll share a beautiful mutual freedom, because she’d rather be dancing with her friends then reading text messages over your shoulder. Speaking of friends, she’ll have a lot. Embrace it, because she’ll never give you shit for hanging out with yours. Want to host the fantasy football draft at your place? Cool, she doesn’t want to come anyways. You should invite strippers too.

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She’s not used to being in a relationship, so the two of you can create a unique one doesn’t follow traditional rules. There is no right or wrong time to advance to a new level; to say “I love you” or “wanna try the other hole?” She cares more about your top three favorite cheeses than your top three best friends on Snapchat. She couldn’t care less who ‘likes’ your Instagram posts.

Perhaps she doesn’t want to be in a defined relationship at this moment. Most likely she’s up for hanging out, getting to know you, and making out. As women we often wait forever for the guy to define the relationship, we settle for blurred lines because uncertainty is better than consciously losing you. Give her the chance to be swayed. Waiting a little while doesn’t make you weak.

Pet-names make her cringe, so you can take love-bug and sweetie out of your vocabulary. She’d rather binge watch TV and eat potato skins with you than encourage you to join Crossfit together. She isn’t particularly domestic, but she’s mastered the art of takeout and Trader Joe’s. Most importantly, she has a past of her own, so she isn’t going to care about yours. When two people bring the same amount of baggage, one isn’t likely to get overwhelmed with the other’s.

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