13 Conversations You Have With Random Drunk Girls in the Bathroom

We’ve all been there. You’re at the bar waiting for the bathroom in the longest line ever, and you never think it’s going to be your turn. Everyone else is in the same position as you are, and since drunk girls can be the nicest humans on planet Earth (or the most vicious), you start making new BFFs (or enemies). I have overheard some of the most bizarre sentences come out of drunk girls’ mouths to each other while waiting for the bathroom at the bar, and they were mostly to people they don’t even know. It’s funny how a little bit of liquid courage can turn two strangers into best friends in the matter of a minute waiting for a clogged toilet to pee in. Here are some of those conversations:

13) “Your hair is just, like, soooOOOO pretty!!!!”


The most common, drunken compliment girls love to use even if the other girl’s hair looks like a rat’s nest.

12) “We HAVE to get brunch tomorrow. Like you have to PROMISE.”


It never ends up happening, but you SWEAR it will this time!

11) “We are going to be new best friends, like no seriously, I’m not kidding. I’m NOT kidding Amy!!!”


But what ends up happening is you never see each other again. Or you do, but it’s awkwardly in the hallway while walking to class so you look down pretending not to notice.

10) “I’hm sew drunk cahn yew puhlease hold my hair?”


When you soberly think about it, that’s literally disgusting to ask a stranger to hold your hair for you, but they drunkenly don’t care and do it anyway.

9) “Oh my god Leslie you spilled my drink!!! It’s ok I forgive you because I LOVE your hair.”


You end up with some sort of red drink all down the front of your brand new white dress and don’t even care until the next morning since you and the girl behind you in line are new BFFs.

8) “You skipped me!!! No I was HERE FIRST!”


Then the drama starts breaking out in the bathroom line and shit starts getting real.

7) “Can I PLEASE go ahead of you? My friend is about to puke all over the dance floor.”


You’re lying if you say you’ve never used this excuse to skip the line. Your really drunk friend says she will pee her pants if you don’t get to the bathroom in the next 30 seconds, and you believe her.


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