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Demi Lovato Takes Down The House

Demi Lovato… Christina Perri… MKTO… Bea Miller… Spencer West.

These are the names that performed to a sold out crowd with inspiration and excitement friday evening at Mohegan Sun Arena.

From the energetic pop rock duo MKTO playing their hit “Classic” to Christina Perri filling the arena with ballad type songs like Jar of Hearts and Human.  Spencer West soon followed with an inspirational TED talks type speech about how after loosing both of his legs at age 5, he was able to conquer his limitations and reach his dreams and climb to the top of Mountain Kilimanjaro.

To end the array of opening acts was X-Factor star Bea Miller who had a quick but enjoyable set before Demi took the stage promptly at 9:30pm.

The Good: 

Production: Everything was round. I like round things so I was happy. From the massive truss structure that towered above, creating an oval of light that was used in many different ways. To the full band towering above the stage on round risers. To finally, an oval video screen tying everything together center stage. Aside from a well put together set, it looked to be built very efficiently. A total of 6 trucks carries the set from market to market which is quite impressive when in comparison to other relatable pop acts traveling with upwards of 20 trucks. A very efficient and smart production team backs Demi, and we all love a good production team.

Energy: I walked into this show a bit worried if Demi had a big enough stage presence to fill an arena. Once she rose up from center stage and broke into  her opening song Really Don’t Care all worries were lost. She had a consistent energy throughout the entire set. All the way up through her encore song Neon Lights which lit up the entire arena with tears of joy.

Crowd: As expected the crowd was filled with a bunch of excited and joyful pre-teens.  They brought an energy that was equivalent to that of Demi’s.

Respectfulness: Aside the pre-teens were just as happy parents. Not so much with the excitement of the pre-teen pop music but rather how respectful of a role model Demi appears to be. This show was something that I would bring my own daughter to with out worry. The standard sex appeal driven pop culture world we live in, Demi left at the door. The show was the most appropriate I have been to in a long time.

The Bad:

Product Placements: TOO MANY. From the Tampax ads that filled the video screens to the full speech in the middle of the show proclaiming association to the app Shazam. The only product worth talking about were these bracelets that the tour was selling to empower woman in Africa. It started with Spencer West giving his speech explaining how him and Demi first met on a service trip to Africa to Demi, again, stopping mid show and playing a video of her trip. Although the feeling of an infomercial was real, that cause was worth while.

Confetti: This show has confetti written all over it. There was no confetti. I like confetti. Get confetti.

Personal Favorite:

Christina Perri.  Perri brought this warmth and joyfulness to the stage that I cannot forget. She has this childish nature that left smiles on the entire audience.  She left a certain gleam and peacefulness on the crowd that the big up beat pop songs cannot match.

The tour is finishing up a North American run, check HERE to see if Demi is coming to a city near you.

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