Different Types of Flowers to Send on Graduation

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One of the much-awaited moments for students is their graduation day. This is the fruit of all their hard work in doing their assignments, reviewing their notes, and getting up early every day. It is then important for you to congratulate your friends or anyone you know who is graduating to make the day more special. You can even think of sending graduation flowers as a simple way of congratulating the graduate. On the other hand, if you don’t have any idea about what particular flowers to include in a graduation bouquet, then you can ask help from a reliable florist. With their knowledge and experience, for sure they can provide you a quick response.


6 Best Graduation Flowers

When graduation day is just around the corner, then you can start ordering for a graduation bouquet online. It is never a problem if you can’t attend the graduation ceremony of your friend because you can simply acquire a flower delivery service and send flowers to show that you are also happy. Listed below are some of the graduation flowers used in bouquets.

  • Orchids – If you cannot attend a graduation ceremony because of work, then sending a bouquet of orchids can already make the graduate happy. The ideal colors of orchids perfect for graduation include purple, green, and white. You can also give an orchid plant especially if the recipient loves to take care of flowering plants.
  • Roses – Roses will always be the most popular flowering plants that you normally see in different occasions. You can send a bouquet of roses in a single color or consider a colorful mix. Red roses definitely signify love, orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and uniqueness, and yellow roses express admiration and cheerfulness.
  • Peonies – This type of flower is available in a variety of colors that has the power to uplift mood. It is known to symbolize a happy life thus a great way to encourage a graduate to face a new chapter in life.
  • Hydrangeas – These are soft and ball-like flowers in different shades such as white, pink, blue, and purple that represents gratitude. This can be a sweet gesture to show how you value the relationship you have had with the graduate.
  • Carnations – This is a versatile type of flower that is used for any occasion. It stands for flower of gods and used as garlands by Romans and Greeks.
  • Chrysanthemums – These flowers easily get the attention of the crowd with bold colors. It symbolizes longevity and can also improve health when taken as a tea.

There are indeed lots of flowers that you can have for a graduate. No need to go for something expensive because with a bouquet of flowers you can please the graduate.

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