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10 Legal Drugs That Are Way Scarier Than Any Illegal Drug


Drugs are illegal because they hurt people, right? Maybe not always, some drugs that are legally sold right here in the good ol’ U S of A are much more terrifying than anything you learned about on an after school special.

10. Spice, Bizarro, K2, Scooby Snax, and Other Synthetic Cannabinoids 


About the time most kids roll into high school, they are at least a little bit curious about trying marijuana. Unfortunately it is still illegal in most states, leading to more and more teens trying synthetic blends instead. The issue affects more than just teens though. On one Thursday in July 2015, paramedics were forced to respond to three separate incidents in which grown men were acting strange due to synthetic cannabanoid use. The first man was found clinging to a light pole when police arrived, he then dropped his pants for some reason. The next man was found laughing hysterically, so much so that the paramedics had a tough time even keeping him on the stretcher. The last man was found in Capitol Hill acting quite strangely; when police tried to restrain him, he began kicking and screaming. The chemicals are typically designed in unregulated labs in China and India and then sprayed on smokable herbs and spices…sounds pretty safe, huh?

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