Why Everybody Should Remain Single as Told by a Girl With A Boyfriend

Being in a relationship is great, don’t get me wrong. I, am in fact, in a relationship right now. But, if I had the option to be single and still maintain the relationship that I do with my boyfriend, I would. Here’s exactly why…

10. Boyfriends lead to potential guy friends to feel threatened, and they’re less likely to engage in a conversation with you.

9. Relationships lead to sacrifice that you don’t always want to make.

8. Being in a relationship means commitment, and that’s sometimes not an option.

7. Relationships require time, which often I don’t have a lot of. 

6. Having a significant other in your life means you can rely on someone, but more often than not you end up relying on them a little too much.

5. Being in a relationship requires for you to close yourself off to the people that your significant other might not like, even though you might be friends with them.

4. Being in a relationship can lead to misuse of trust and deception when not handled properly.

3. Some relationships create fights, which creates unnecessary drama. 

2. Relationships sometimes lead to drama, and I’d prefer to live a drama-free life.

1. Being in a relationship with someone who is more successful than you can alter your vision to your future.

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