Everyone, This Is BucketBall And You Need It In Your Life Right Now

When college students are looking for a game that’s cheap, easy to set up, and fun, what instantly comes to mind?  Beer pong, of course!  But when beer pong is played out, or you want something that’s fresher, more fun, something you can actually brag about when you beat your friends, then you need BucketBall.

Take it with you to the beach, set it up in the backyard or wherever else you have a mind to play.  It’s portable, packs up in a flash, and can go just about anywhere.  Once you arrive, all you have to do is set up the buckets in two triangle formations (like beer pong!) with about 30 feet in between — or however far you think you and your friends can handle.  Then, two teams take turns lobbing tennis balls into the opposite buckets. The first team to clear all the buckets on the opposite side wins!

Photo Credit: BucketBall

Photo Credit: BucketBall

There’s a reason games like beer pong, bean bag throwing, horseshoes, and ladder toss are so fun and so popular.  They’re easy to set up, don’t require a lot of pieces, and they aren’t physically demanding, which means you can totally play them after you’ve been day drinking for a while.  In fact, BucketBall is absolutely perfect for the next time you’re at a barbecue, tailgating, hanging out in someone’s backyard, or chilling at the beach.

The official rules for BucketBall are posted on its official site. If you’re interested, you can also visit their Kickstarter page and help make it so BucketBall finds it way onto every college quad and every outdoor party.

While you’re waiting for your BucketBall set to arrive, you might want to start practicing your underhand lob.

SOURCES: BucketBall | Kickstarter
IMAGES: BucketBall 

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