Five College Stereotypes That Do Not Apply At Small Schools

Ah, college.  The moment you begin filling out applications as a senior in high school, the stories and advice of college alumni begin to fly.  If one goes to a state school, most of it has a tendency to be accurate and useful!  As soon as you step on campus, you know where to go and when, thanks to a little help from those who came and graduated before you.  However, if you, like myself, decided to take the liberal arts, small campus route, you’ll find that some of those well worn stereotypes you’ve heard so often, aren’t exactly true.

“You’ll never see the people you meet at orientation ever again!”

On the contrary, when your school has around 1,000 students on a good day, not only will you see the people you meet at orientation again, but if your majors are even slightly similar, you’re likely to share at least one class per week.  Basically, make sure you at least attempt to reach out to people in your first week on a small campus, because it could impact your friendships for the next four

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