Four Things You Learn When Packing For College

Four Things You Learn When Packing For College

The big lecture classes that are so packed you could sell standing room only tickets. The clingy first boyfriend or girlfriend who texts you every minute and thirty-seven seconds. The one fraternity brother or sorority sister who manages to perfectly balance going out all night on Tuesdays and at the end of the day, possessing a 4.0 GPA.

Every aspect of college provides a teaching moment, even the moments right before college begins, especially packing for college. Despite the tedious process, packing leaves behind some valuable insights:

4. How Much Clothing You Need to Survive 

Some people need their entire home closet, which means they have a shelf for polos, t-shirts, jerseys, jeans, khaki pants, khaki shorts, jean shorts, athletic shorts, athletic shirts, ties, belts, dresses, pant suits, and other accessories.

 Packing For College

Oh, and this type of person will also require half of their room to fulfill their need to have the proper amount of shoes.

 Packing For College

The other type of person is the one who makes it through the week wearing the same type of underwear and shorts. Most people find they end up somewhere in the great divide between these two types of people.

3. The Phases You Went Through Growing Up

Speaking of clothing, going through your closet will result in the discovery of all kinds of gems: that sparkly, hot-pink, Justin Bieber tank, the can of bleach you used to create your frosted tips, those neon green and cherry red Reebok ZigTech tennis shoes, that pair of baby blue, denim overalls, the puka shell necklace that you got from the beach when you went to California that one time and proceeded to wear 24/7, and much, much more.

 Packing For College

2. How Much Stuff You Can Fit in Your Car

At long last, everything is all packed up, all you have to do is take it from Point A, your house, to Point B, your dorm room. Sounds pretty simple right? All you have is about five or six boxes. No big deal! Well, maybe if you have a Ford F-150 or Chrysler Town and Country, but if you have a Volkswagen Jetta like myself, it just might be a tight squeeze. This is where you discover how strong you actually are.

 Packing For College

1. Adulthood Is Here And It’s Down-Right Frightening

It’s time to celebrate. Your parents have left, you’re all moved in, and all that’s left to do now is wait for classes to start in a few days. Except, now you have to wake yourself up in the morning, map out your meals for the day, motivate yourself to get your school work done, and last but not least, do all of your own laundry. When staring down the barrel of responsibilities, it’s tough to prevent a nervous breakdown. Have no fear, you’re not the only one who feels this way. Everyone is scared about growing up. On the bright side, at least we’re all terrified together!

 Packing For College


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