FSU Delta Zeta Just Got Ranked Number 1 Delta Zeta NATIONALLY

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Ok ok ok. It’s time that we over at UniversityPrimetime.com make a BOLD statement. Not sure if anyone is ready for this announcement. OK.. here it is! We have officially ranked the BEST Delta Zeta chapter for this year. We’ve featured tons of Delta Zeta chapters this year on our website. Well, it’s time that we reveal to the world that FSU Delta Zeta is OFFICIALLY the number 1 Delta Zeta chapter for the 2015-2016 school year.  Congrats to these amazing girls.

To celebrate your victory, here are two things you need to know right now! 1) Way to represent your college be doing amazing work in the community. And finally number 2… your chapter did a great job this school year representing FSU and showing the world why FSU Delta Zeta is one of the best chapters in the entire country. Check out their new recruitment video below. It’s just amazing in every way. Lastly, FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM—> @UPrimetime for more amazing content daily!

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