FSU Pi Beta Phi Is Making Me Blush From How Beautiful They Are


FSU, home to quite possibly not just the most gorgeous girls in all of florida but possibly nationwide. However, Pi Beta Phi from FSU is not just known for their awesome looks, but for their awesome community service work, their awesome average chapter GPA, their amazing personalities, and quite frankly just being the definition of a perfect sorority girl to bring home to mom and dad. After watching this video, it made me realize I am a complete moron for never applying to FSU back in the day. The more videos I see from FSU, the more I realize how much I regret never applying. If only I could change back time. At least I can soon visit the campus for the first time ever and hopefully have the honor to meet the girls from Pi Beta Phi. They seem like they absolutely rock and would be a fun time.

Here is FSU Pi Beta Phi, aka one of our new favorite sororities!

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