Why Girls Who Drink Beer Are The Best To Date

16. You have a default beer pong partner everywhere you go.

15. She doesn’t give a shit about drinking calorie

14. You won’t have to pretend to know smart stuff about fancy wines.

13. She is probably just as chill, and low-maintenance as her drink is.

12. And if she’s not, at least her beer drinker image is doing a good job hiding her “crazy.”

11. Chilling together will be as easy as getting a 6-pack…

10. Okay, fine, maybe a 12 or 18 rack?

9. She doesn’t mind a little mess.

8. She can sit on a stoop with a 40 in a paper bag and be perfectly happy.

7. She’ll never give you shit for spending money on beer drinking toys…

6. In fact, she’ll probably make a beer helmet or funnel for you.

5. She has had beer for dinner before.

4. She doesn’t need a glass – she’ll drink it straight outta the bottle.

3. She doesn’t get slop-fest drunk like the girl who’s dancing on the bar taking tequila shots.

2. What’s more awesome than smashing beer cans against your head with your bros?

1. Smashing beer cans against your head with your girl. Smashing beer cans against your head with your girl.

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