Why Do Good Girls Always Try to Fix the Bad Guys?

We all do it. I consider myself an expert on the subject. It’s a timeless cliché-the good girl wants to fix the bad guy, realizes she can’t, and ends up breaking her own heart in the process. So, why?

For some reason, we like to pick the most broken and damaged people and try to mold them into something-or someone- who we imagine ourselves being with. We will fail. Time and time again, fall after fall, punch after punch, we will fail. Why can’t we understand? Some people are just assholes.

The worst part? We don’t realize until it’s too late. We’ve done everything we could; we’ve sacrificed our time, energy, effort and love. When it’s all over, we aren’t the same. There’s a piece of us that’s missing, the glistening fire in our hearts-the hopeful optimism- dims just a little bit, and continues to burn out each time we fall for the perfectly wrong guy.up-next-page

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