Why Greek Life and Harry Potter Are Similar


Written By: Caitlin Brazil

Via CollegeIsMyLife.com

There are Harry Potter lovers. There are Fraternities and Sorority. Are they similar? Well, there are Harry Potter themed big/little reveals, paddle decoration, but here are some actual similarities between Greek Life and Hogwarts that Harry Potter Lovers will love!

Sorting Hat = Recruitment

When you first arrive at Hogwarts, you are immediately sorted into a House. You go through a process to find your forever home for the rest of your schooling experience, as well as life! These are the letters you will stand by through the good and the bad times. While you may provide input in the result, the decision is ultimately up to the Sorting Hat (for wizards) or the Recruitment process (for Greeks). The important part is to put your trust in the fate and that everything happens for a reason, even if it’s not visible at first.

Common between the Sorting Hat and Recruitment, is that students tend to be sorted among desired qualities and mutual interest between the person and the house/ organization. Just because someone was placed in a certain House or organization did not mean that they could not display characteristics of the others.

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