Things Halloween Lovers Relate To By Halloweentown

Things Halloween Lovers Relate To By Halloweentown Anyone who’s watched Halloweentown knows how awesome that movie is. Here are 12 things Halloween lovers can relate to as told by the Halloweentown cast.

Halloween is just around the corner, but for us Halloween lovers as soon as October 1st hits.. We are on top of everything! Breaking out the scary movies and binge watching every Halloween related shows/movies on Netflix is one of the first steps, that lasts all October. Obviously you have to watch all the Halloweentown movies because Marnie Piper is your spirit animal. Finding old costumes, working haunted houses, going to haunted houses, carving pumpkins, apple picking, planning parties, planning outfits, and everything Halloween you can think of. Us Halloween lovers go through a bunch of struggles every October, and here are a few things we all will understand/relate to as told by the awesome cast of Halloweentown. Happy Halloween!

12. No one ever truly understands why you love Halloween so much.

…or why you work at a haunted house (yes this is directed to all my friends and family reading this)

11. Being thankful for your friends and family who actually support your Halloween addiction.2

They understand how much Halloween means to you and willingly (or sometimes unwillingly) partake in your crazy festivities.

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