How To: Handle Rejection From College Girls The Right Way

Most rejections from women are nothing personal. It could be the wrong timing to ask a girl out; you never know, she may have had a rough day or just isn’t in the mood. She could also already be in a relationship.

Taking the risk of approaching a girl should never be intimidating or shameful. The more you take the chance, the better you become at taking rejection. You may also learn some techniques to use with different girls; you’ll also be able to size girls up to know which technique to use with them. People learn from their mistakes, but only if they know what they did wrong. By practicing will allow you to become better with approaching girls and eliminating the chances of getting rejected.

You can also look at a rejection as a second chance. Although you may believe with all your heart she is the one for you, she may see different; this then saves a lot of heartache that would have been caused in the long run when things don’t work out. This is also your chance to find the girl that was meant for you. Many rejections by girls who men think is the one are lead ways to finding the true girl of their dreams; some even say they wish they can thank the girl for rejecting them when they did.


When approaching girls, you can take away some of the sting from the fear of rejection. For starters, you should scope out the situation. Take small steps instead of plunging into it all at once. By immediately asking a girl you just met to have intercourse with you will, of course, fail. You have to start off by letting the girl you are interested in her. Be more modest by asking to join her for a cup of coffee. This usually will give her lead way to letting you know if she is interested in going any further with you.

Bouncing back from rejection is the key, so always have your guard up, so that you won’t get hurt when you are shot down time and time again. Look at the rejections as lessons and learn from them. Eventually you will overcome them and be ready to move onto your next goal. It is important that you don’t give in to defeat or let it wear you down. One of these days you will find that girl who won’t reject you and you’ll be glad that you kept moving forward.

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