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Hardwell Sets The Stage With Legendary 3 Hour Madison Square Garden Performance

DJ Magazine recently named Hardwell as the number one DJ in the world for the second year in a row. After an exploding show at Madison Square Garden in New York City this past Saturday night, I can now personally attest to that ranking. From mind blowing lights, visuals,  and sound to the unstoppable energy, Hardwell, my friend, you are the defining line to the longevity of EDM.

Hardwell came out at 9:00pm sharp getting right into what was going to be a rather impressive 3 hour long set. The arena looked to be pretty full and just as tirelessly energetic as Hardwell himself. We enjoyed his incredible originals as well as remixes of all of the top songs in the EDM space today. He preformed his remix of Krewella’s Alive and my favorite remix of Limp Bizkit’s “Numb” to originals like “Arcadia” and “Dare You”.

The production was  incredibly well thought out and massive, to say the least. Let me tell you, it was one of the best to come through the doors of Madison Square Garden in a long time.

The most memorable moment of the night had to be during Hardwell’s remix of Alesso’s “Lose My Mind”. Confetti was flying, lights were flashing. It was THE moment of the night where the cameras went down and we watched in awe as Hardwell owned the stage and 20,000 people around forgot about their problems and just lived in the moment.


The set was designed to include fans as much as possible with lyrics scrolling across the mammoth video screens for the remix of David Guetta’s “Ain’t A Party” and a few others through out the evening. The track where the audience seemed to be the loudest was with out a doubt, “Dare You”.

After 3 hours of entrenched bass, bright lights, and everything in-between, all I have to say is job well done, Hardwell. We are looking forward to hear your new album coming out in January and hope all goes well with the continuing of your tour after that!

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