This Haunted House Leaves Patrons in Shock

Not much needs to said about San Diego haunted house McKamey Manor that their 5-minute promo video doesn’t say. Patrons are doused in blood, screamed at, held hostage, punched, scratched, etc. And as much as they scream for the horror to stop, they can’t complain since everyone must sign a waiver and pass a wellness test before entering the extreme experience. Once they step inside, they may not be seen again for another four to six hours! On top of that, customers must either go through the haunted house alone or with one other person, which allows the attraction to give each person their own personal onslaught of terror. It’s no surprise that a large majority of people ask to leave before reaching the end. In fact, many customers exit the manor in hysterics, trembling from shock and covered in scratches or bruises.

The extreme content and obvious mental/physical effects has questioned how much a waiver can account for, especially because the physical aspects of McKamey Manor could fall under the definition of assault. Despite this controversy, McKamey Manor shows no signs of closing its doors as they operate every weekend throughout the year. Watch the insane haunted house’s video below and ask yourself how much you’d be willing to handle for a good scare!


Happy Halloween!

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