Here’s The Latest News On Pierpont Hall Armed Robbery at UMass Amherst

So we just heard today that there was some unfortunate news to happen in a dorm at UMass Amherst. We hate to hear this kind of news seeing that we attended UMass Amherst for college and graduated in 2013. Man do we remember the good times at UMass with house parties and LIT nightclub and Wings over Amherst. Well, this story is not a fun one to share. This story is absolutely terrifying and we hope the students at UMass are safe.

VIA Daily Collegian:

Two suspects are still at large Thursday night, hours after witnesses saw one man brandish a gun on the third floor of the Pierpont Hall dormitory in the Southwest Residential Area.

University of Massachusetts Police Chief Tyrone Parham said that an undergraduate UMass student was the victim of an armed assault and transported to Cooley Dickinson Hospital after sustaining a laceration to his forehead. UMPD believes the man was targeted by the two suspects.

“This was clearly not random,” Parham said.

UMPD said it’s also working to determine whether the victim’s injuries were from the gun, and did not yet have a motive. Parham said the two men, who he believes are not UMass students, fled campus.

In an email to the campus community, UMPD said a handgun was “shown but not fired” during the incident, which took place at approximately 5:17 p.m. Parham said UMPD officers, some wearing plain clothes, arrived “within seconds to minutes of the call,” but could not locate the suspects after establishing a perimeter.

Check out the video below for the full story:

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