Holiday Shopping As Described by Friends (2)

7) And while your shopping, you can never remember if you’ve already bought a gift for a certain person or not. 

When you cant remember if you already bought a gift for someone or not

6) The feeling you get when you finally find the perfect gift for someone. 

When you find the perfect gift

5) But then you see the massive line. You’re going to be waiting for at least a half hour. 

When you see the massive line you have to wait on

4) When people think it’s okay to cut in the line:

when someone thinks its ok to cut the line

3) When you walk out of the store with all of your items, you feel like this: 

trying to carry all of your bags out of the store like

2) You finally make it out of the store, and you feel victorious. 

When youre finally all done

1) But then you realize… you need to go home and wrap all this stuff. 

You realize you have to go home and wrap them all

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