Holiday Shopping As Described by Friends

So you waited last minute to do your holiday shopping. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Just be prepared for a rough time out there, whether you decide to stay local or venture to the mall. Here are some of the struggles you’re going to have to face while holiday shopping. Best of luck, my friend.

13) When you leave all your shopping until the last minute and you realize you finally have to go. Procrastination did not work in your favor. 


12) Just the traffic getting to the store is insanity. You know its going to be a rough night. 


11) You enter the store with a list and a plan. In your mind, you have this totally under control, even though you totally don’t.

You thought it was acceptable to go shopping this late

10) But then nothing is in the right place because the massive amounts of people shopping. What is this scarf doing next to the wine glasses?

Nothing is in the right place because of the massive amount of people shopping

9) When you have a particular gift in mind for someone, and they’re all out, it’s enough to send you into a total panic. 

When the store is out of the specific gift you wanted to get for someone

8) When you don’t have to buy a gift for a significant other:

When you dont have to buy a gift for a significant other


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