10 Thoughts You Have When Your Friend is Hooking Up With a Random

Casual dating, talking to someone, or having a buddy are all common terms in college. So it’s no real biggie when you have a fling. But sometimes different thoughts go into your head when your friend is having a total one night stand.

Here are 10 things that you think of when your friend is hooking up with a total random:

10.) “Go get it girl, they’re smokin’.”


Your friend has just told you that they’re about to go to pound town with the hottie with the hair over on Tinder or in that bar you two always go to. Looking over and seeing the attractive specimen, you get excited for you friend and root for him/her. Your bestie’s supposedly have the time of their life tonight, so get excited damn it!

9.) “I wish I could get someone that attractive.”

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Your mood changes a little time passes after your friend leaves you. You realize that they were the one that scored and now you’re sitting alone with your thoughts, possibly a drink in your hand (which doesn’t make anything better). Pondering over the situation makes you wonder why no one wanted you tonight, and that’s a little bit of a bummer.


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