How College is like Kindergarten (2)

You spend a lot of time crying


Little kids cry over everything: a broken toy, their friend not sharing, or spilled milk. College kids, too, cry too often. We cry over things like failed tests, a drunk text gone wrong, not having enough money for another tequila shot, or just missing home. No matter how old you are, crying never really goes away and it honestly doesn’t always come with a reasonable excuse.

You cling to anything that seems familiar from home


Being in a new place with not many familiarities will always be scary, no matter how old you get. As kids, we tended to cling to baby blankets, our favorite stuffed animals, our childhood friends, and Mom’s hand. As young adults, college kids also cling to familiarities from home when they go away to college. We keep things like handwritten notes from our parents, our childhood stuffed animal, friends from home who went to the same school as us, and pictures of the people we love.

You have trouble sharing


In kindergarten, sharing was probably one of the biggest reasons for getting in trouble or fighting with your friends. Jimmy stole the car you were playing with, Molly won’t share her crayons with you, Bobby won’t let you use his toy airplane, and Lisa took the Barbie you were playing with all morning. In college, kids are still greedy and sneaky with what they feel is theirs. Alex stole your test answers, Stephanie stole your boyfriend, Connor stole your spot on the soccer team, and Kelly took all of your friends.



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