How Extra Credit Saved My Life

In high school doing extra credit was something that you didn’t have to do, but was kind of forced to do anyway. Some classes would give you these extra assignments for something as simple as staying after school and help clean or show up to a school event. I rarely did extra credit in high school because my grades were already high enough, but in college extra credit is COMPLETELY different.

The first few weeks of my freshmen year some of my professors said there will be extra credit towards the end of the semester, and others gave out extra credit opportunities as soon as we walked in on the first day. In a way, I just wanted to get the assignments out of the way, but then again I was thinking to myself, “What if I make a bad grade and don’t have any extra credit opportunities left?”


Luckily, I followed my gut and saved most of the extra credit assignments for later. In some classes it was easy to do the assignments, but in others the assignments felt like it took forever to complete. I either had to show up to an event and write a paper about it or I had to do a ton of research on something I never seen or heard of.  It wasn’t too hard to do, but it was very time consuming.


As the end of the semester came close to ending, I realized that I was in dire need of more extra credit. I thought all hope was up because there was no more opportunities left and the professors wasn’t bringing anything up about extra credit. I was starting to panic because it was a possibility that I wouldn’t be able to pass that semester.


A week before finals, my prayers were answered. My professors posted a list of extra credit assignments to do and to turn in before the semester ended. I was so happy! I did almost every assignment I could to bring my grade up to a passing grade.

In the end I passed all my classes, not with the grade that I wanted, but at least now I know what to do. After all that was my first semester in college. Now this semester I hope I can make the grades that I want especially since I know that extra credit can be a life saver.


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