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Iggy Azalea’s Live Show Defines Herself as the True Artist She Is

I finally know Iggy Azalea better than Ariana Grande’s featured artist on Problem. After catching Iggy’s show this past Sunday I have to say, she is pretty damn good, on all fronts.

I have a new appreciation for her most recent album The New Classic. Her show was very well produced. She interacted greatly with the crowd.  Her choreography was just the perfect amount; the back up dancers did well. All in all I am very happy I took the time to see the show.

Now to get into the nitty gritty of it all:

Atmosphere: Young and white. I felt like I was sitting at Justin Bieber’s first theatre show. Screaming little girls all around me. Not what I expected. Even more to my surpass, Iggy did her best to keep the songs to a PG-13 level. An artist who is aware of her audience… who would of thought.

Production: When I first walked into the room saw the flying truss with lights comparable to Kiss’s 1960 world tour I was a little worried. However, once the curtain rose, I was slightly enthused. However, we simply went from 1960 tour to modern high school talent show… however, what sealed the deal… Iggy. She made the production feel right.

On the production management side of the evening, it seemed to go flawless. Props to Mark from 3Sixty Productions. It was ran very well.

The Evening:  Weird. Iggy went on around 8 and was done at 9. A support act would have created a better experience. You know the night is short when you catch kids waking their parents up from casino benches and the parents  saying to their 13 year olds with more excitement than ever “The show is already over? It is only 9!”  I think we can blame both Foxwoods and Iggys team for this.

All in all, If you are a fan of Iggy’s hits Black Widow and Fancy; the only two songs I knew of… I would go see her show. You will not be disappointed.  She has a couple more dates in the US, and you can find them here! Be sure to check out some of my favorite images from the evening below.




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