Why Having A Job During The School Year Sucks

As if being a student isn’t hard enough, also working part-time of even a full-time job can definitely have it negatives. For instance, being a full time student is quite stressful. On top of going to classes, doing homework, studying, and any extra curricular activities you participate in, adding work on top of  that can be a serious drag.

I currently am a full time student and work a part-time job in retail. Although my job is not that difficult, it can definitely be stressful to balance school work, a social life, and working. My best words of advice are to find a job you are passionate about. Nothing is worst than having a long day of school then heading to your job that you don’t even like! If you pick a job you are passionate about you will enjoy working more. Also find a job that corresponds to your major. Nothing is better than working during college and having a job that you can put on your resume once you look for a grownup job once you graduate. And lastly, try to balance work and school as best as you can. Although having extra cash flow is nice, remember to focus on your studies. School should always could first, and definitely make sure to not over work yourself- give yourself a few days off a week to relax and enjoy having some free time!!

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