Justin Bieber Invited Two Random Rappers To His Pool Party To Film WILD Music Video

Justin Bieber just made two random rappers famous in a big way. The duo is called These White Kids, and they are pretty damn good if you ask me.  Turns out Justin’s a big fan of the duo’s YouTube videos. Bieber allowed them to film their new music video for a song called Michael Phelps at his pool party. The party was LIT!!!


Babes everywhere, the Biebs, and one epic time. After watching the video, I am definitely jealous that I did not to attend. Who knows, maybe next time i’ll be invited to come join these bros and party with Bieber. We can’t wait to see what else These White Kids have in store. The name of their new song is called Michael Phelps, and you can say it’s now the new theme song of the Olympics. The song is super catchy, and it’s about to be a viral sensation. Be on the look out for These White Kids, because they are LEGIT. Major key. Check out the vide below!


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