The Keene State Riot Footage You Haven’t Seen Yet. Warning: This Is INSANE.

So it’s time to introduce our homies Finnarage. We’re partnering up with these crazy party animals on a huge college tour! The FinnaRage team hit up Keene, NH where they were supposed to have a live performance but ended up being in the middle of chaos. The trip ended up being their wildest experience yet. As authorities kept breaking up parties all over KeeneState campus during the student body’s so called “Holiday”, the students from around New England began to riot! Making news all around the country, this was unbelievable!

The Boston Globe reports the mayhem happened near the Keene State College campus. The paper adds:

“According to the Keene Fire Department, multiple people were transported to a nearby hospital. Witnesses described the scene, largely on or around Wilcox Street, as chaotic, and far more extreme than anything they’d ever seen before.


“The parties were being held along with the Keene Pumpkin Festival, an annual event that is a point of pride for the small New Hampshire community. Last year’s festival set a world record of 30,581 carved and lighted jack-o-lanterns at one place and one time


“‘Pumpkinfest has always been fun,’ said Julie Conlon, 23, who graduated from Keene State in May. ‘Yeah, kids drink excessively, but it’s never been out of control. This year I watched thousands of kids pile into a backyard and kind of go crazy.’”

In a statement, Keene State College President Anne Huot said she was aware that many of the people involved in the mayhem were college students.

“I was shot by sometime of riot bullet and ended up getting some unbelievable footage,” Founder Trevor Finney states on his weekend experience. The FinnaRage crew did not stay for the riots Saturday night but what they did experience from the 17th-18th was EPIC!! Here’s the Keene State Experience Part 2 ….

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