Last Night the “Carlton Dance” was Revived and it was Amazing

It was as glorious as you’d think it could be.


As ABC’s Dancing With the Stars entered it’s 19th season, the cast list was released and fans were overjoyed to hear that Alfonso Ribeiro would be part of the cast. Ribeiro is best known for his years on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air playing the breakout character named Carlton Banks.

The character of Carlton was known for several things: his extensive vocabulary, his need to please his father and his sweaters to name a few. But most of all he was known best for his self-named dance.



The dance has reigned through generations and it isn’t hard to see why. The man has fun doing it, as do others that imitate it.

giphy (1)


During week six, Ribeiro and his partner Whitney Carson broke out the dance during their routine and it was just as good as you would think.

Watch for yourself.


The man still has it.



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