Lauren Annis from ASU is the real deal. She will be famous for a reason.

Introducing Lauren Annis. If you think you can do better, send your pictures and Instagram handle to Jay@UniversityPrimetime.com to get a featured article!

She’s kind of the real deal. Luckily for all those college bros, we were strolling through Instagram and came across her profile. ASU is known for having some of the hottest girls in the country, and Lauren is the definition of just that.  Besides Lauren being one of the most gorgeous girls we’ve ever seen, she also is known for being a very bright and intelligent young woman. What’s better than having looks and brains? Let me think…. NOTHING! She is pretty much the definition of perfection. We’ve seen a lot of ASU Girls before that are smoking hot, especially when we visited the campus for the first time last semester. However, after finding out about Lauren, you could say that Lauren is now officially our new favorite girl at ASU. Forget about just ASU, this girl might be my new favorite girl overall in the entire country. It’s going to be hard to beat being sexier than Lauren. Girls, you could try, but you might be out of luck!

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