What It’s Like Being Psychic On a College Campus (2)

5. Halloween popularity – it seems awesome to be invited to every party imaginable until you get there and realize you were expected to be the entertainment.


4. Getting in trouble for freaking people out without actually doing anything. It is a ridiculous amount of times that a RA will  stop by to ask if you did this or that, something went missing, someone is hearing weird noises, etc.


3. People scoot away from you. There will always magically be extra space around everywhere you sit. I guess this is actually a pretty good thing once you stop caring what people think about you.

giphy (11)

2. Constantly explaining your religion to people who don’t even know you. It doesn’t matter if you are a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, whatever. You will still get asked if you sit in a rocking chair every night and have tea with Satan.


1. Everyone thinks you’re magical. They assume you can snap your fingers and make things appear out of thin air. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.


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