What It’s Like to be The Single Friend

10. No one is ever listening to you. I’m not really sure which one happens the most – repeating yourself, or just ending the conversation in the middle of your sentence.


9. ¬†You’re most likely to get ditched. Even when you come in a group, everyone has to leave for their own personal after party and you’ll never be invited.


8. Things can get really awkward really quickly and there’s nothing you can do it about it. You kind of just sit there while repeatedly clearing your throat super loudly and making unnecessary noise to get noticed.


7. You will always be a third wheel. The worst is when you plan to hangout then unexpected guest show up and you have to pretend it’s okay. “No, it’s fine. You’re boyfriend can tag along. You only spend every waking moment with him, I’m not annoyed at all.”


6. Being the single friend is probably one of the only times that you can feel extremely lonely even around people. You might as well just be invisible.



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