I Love Being a F*ck Girl and You Shouldn’t Judge Me For It

It’s around 5:30 on a Friday night, my music is blasting, I’m sipping a mixed drink out of a Sprite bottle as I’m getting ready to go out to the local college bar with my best friend Katie. I go to change the song on my phone and notice I have multiple Snapchats from a few different guys. I open them and it was mostly a bunch of drunk videos from different houses pregaming. I laugh, toss my hair over my shoulder make a duck-face and snapchat them all back “Happy Hour?”

“Who are you talking to?” Katie says as she walks over to look at my phone.

I smirk and laugh “oh no one, just wondering who’s going out tonight.”

But she knows what I’m doing- “Robin, can’t you just find one guy and settle down, instead of playing around.”

I roll my eyes, unlike the typical college girl I’m not looking for a relationship and I’m most certainly not looking for love or someone to “pop the question” the moment I graduate.

This article goes out to all you slut-shamers, the feminists who say you aren’t feminist for having multiple sex partners and for society for continuing to deem that a women’s life purpose is to get married and have a family.

You can scrutinize me and say that I have “daddy issues” or that I didn’t get enough attention growing up-neither of which are true. I can from a supportive and loving family that always pushed me to accomplish my goals.

My single mother however pushed me further-to always love myself and do what is best for me. She warned how you can miss out on your twenties focusing on boys and marriage. In essence she told me to live up my young life.

I’m currently 20 years old, and attend school in New York. I’m apart of a sorority, have an on campus job, work at my college’s radio station and am a writer. After college I hope to move to the city and further chase my dreams of becoming a journalist. I hope to travel the world and create memories.

I don’t have the time to be chasing after boys who more than half the time probably won’t care. I don’t need a boyfriend to let me know that I’m smart, attractive or funny-trust me I’m confident enough to know that myself. 

I know in the future there will be time for serious relationships and marriage, but for now I’m content with going out and having fun and kissing cute guys at the bar. 

So for all you jugemental girls out there who hate on girls like me- don’t judge me because we sin differently.

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