Man Strips Down To Show Weight Loss, But Other Side Effects Are Shocking

Formerly tipping the scales at 360 pounds and now down to a svelt 200, Glaud’s transformation is impressive. And while he’s proud of how far he’s come, he still harbors insecurities about his weight loss, which is not uncommon among those who have shed a significant amount of weight. Specifically, he says, he’s feels awkward about the pounds of loose skin hanging all over his body — remnants of his larger days. “I’m comfortable clothed. I’m not that comfortable unclothed,” he said in a Nov. 8 video for his “Obese To Beast” YouTube channel.


As the camera rolls, Glaud strips down, revealing bunches of skin under his arms, over his stomach and on the insides of his thighs. Although he’s self-conscious about it, loose skin is typical of dramatic weight loss like his. In a New York Magazine piece titled “What No One Tells You About Losing Lots Of Weight,” author Alexandria Symonds sums up the feeling of dissatisfaction that may sometimes accompany a life-altering weight shift: The experience of significant weight loss is much more psychologically complex than the multi-billion-dollar diet industry, with its beaming “after” photos and promises of a new life, acknowledges.


After all that work, it can be a disappointing blow to discover that bodies that have lost 50-plus pounds simply don’t look like bodies that have maintained a steady weight since reaching adulthood. Despite Glaud’s own insecurities, he still looks on his weight loss as a positive change. “I wanted to have a perfect body, but that’s not the case. And that’s okay,” he concludes. “Loose skin and all, I’m happy with where I’ve come from and where I am at now.”

Source: huffingtonpost


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