McGill University Students Are Partying Hard Again. This Video is Crazy.


So in the beginning of the school year we posted an article about how McGill University Students Partied super hard with some of the Instagram Footage that you can see—-> HERE . Fast forward over a month later, and the highly hyped Official Aftermovie is now officially out! We over at have see THOUSANDS of party videos come our way in the past. Students from across the country submit their videos to us all the time, for example the party video from the University of Michigan that you can see —> HERE that we posted the other day. Out of all the videos we’ve seen to start Fall Semester off right, I have to give the award to McGill University for now for showing why Canada colleges go the harder with this phenomenal video. It’s time to show the world how Canadians do it. Watch the EPIC video below, and SHARE this video to spread the word about how INSANE this party really was!

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