Some Genius Turned Great Movies Into 8-Bit Video Games!

As lo-fi as they were, 8-bit video games were the best thing ever back in their day. Despite the glitchy graphics and simplistic music, these games were all us 80s and 90s kids had and it was all that we needed. Nothing made us happier than unwrapping our first NES or Atari system for Christmas or getting a new cartridge for our birthday. And after school, our nights were filled with the repetitive sounds of video games such as Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros, and Sonic The Hedgehog. While these games have been obsolete for years, our joyful memories of the first home gaming consoles live on forever.

Over the past year or so, the minds at the Youtube channel CineFix have created a series of videos called 8-Bit Cinema. Each video recreates awesome and classic movies as if they were old fashioned video games and, oh man, how we wish we got to play them instead of crap like the Atari version of E.T.! No matter the genre, these guys find a way to turn the greatest of films into lo-fi masterpieces. Their most recent stroke of genius, posted on October 7th, transported the hit movie Frozen into the 8-bit world, complete with a midi versions of the film’s famous songs. Needless to say, we are beyond giddy with childish excitement. Check out some of their best pieces below!







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